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During the months of summer in Australia, many of us don’t really find the use of the outdoor spaces that much. Australia becomes quite warmer during the summertime and a lot of outside heat tend to make its way to get inside the house. This is where a premium outdoor blind comes into play. Investing in quality outdoor blinds not only improve the functionality of the house, but also helps prevent outside heat affecting inner room temperature.

Now the question arises which outdoor blinds helps contribute in reducing outside heat? Here are top most 3 types of outdoor blinds that our Melbourne Blinds & Curtain experts suggests for reducing outside heat.

  • Café Blinds

If you are willing to keep outside-heat at bay, then Café Blinds are among the best of choices. Café blinds weaved on tinted PVC or dark mesh fabrics are excellent options for protection against harsh Melbourne weather. It is an ideal choice as they can be cut to any preferable shape and size. Moreover, it’s a nuisance-free option and can be tailored to any space to fit around valances, doorways, cut-outs, pitched roofs and more. You will also find that they also come in a wide range of mourning options with both motorised and manual versions.

  • Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak blinds in Melbourne are a great choice for Australia’s warm weather. These smart blinds shield you from the weather and can give your home a fresh look, increasing its outdoor appeal. You can create a cozy outdoor space, expanding the area around your patio. Ziptrak blinds are easy-to-use track blinds that slide smoothly. They’re popular with families because they’re safe for kids, without any zips or cords. Plus, they have handy features like spring balance systems and a central lock. You can choose from various colours and fabrics, including sun-blocking materials and PVC, as well as Colorbond options to match your style. Ziptrak blinds can be operated by hand or automatically and can be as wide as 6 meters. They offer excellent protection from pests and, with sun-blocking mesh, provide 99% UV protection and block up to 96% of wind and rain.

  • Wire Outdoor Roller Blinds

Wire guided roller blinds in Melbourne are a top pick among our outdoor blinds at The Blinds Gallery. They’re an excellent choice for giving your home a functional and contemporary touch, and you can discover them in many different colours and designs. These blinds come in various fabric options, such as canvas, acrylic, PVC, and mesh. If you want to prevent heat from entering your home, consider sunscreen mesh fabrics as your ideal choice. Additionally, wire guided roller blinds can be motorised for convenient control with just a button press.

  • Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor roller blinds offer a fashionable and cost-effective way to shield your patio, verandah, or deck from excessive heat. These blinds are available in various fabric options, ranging from sheer to blackout, making them an ideal solution for dealing with Australia’s intense sunlight. Opting for thicker fabrics in darker colours is a smart move to maintain a cooler indoor temperature during the hot summer season. Additionally, they provide an extra layer of security for your home. What’s more, high-quality outdoor roller blinds are easy to install and can be controlled remotely for added convenience.

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