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Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds

Trusted Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds

Experience the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your indoor space with finest Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds from Vic Blinds And Shutters. These blinds offer a seamless oasis, allowing you to appreciate the scenery while being protected from the elements. Found in Melbourne properties, Ziptrak blinds are highly valued by homeowners who cherish outdoor living. Their innovative design features a sealed blind system that ensures durability and safeguards against the harsh Australian weather.

In Australia, the extreme rain, heat, and wind can be overwhelming. Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds provide a haven for individuals and families who love outdoor seating, allowing them to relax and enjoy their surroundings.

Benefits of Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds in Melbourne include:

  • Complete Control

With Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds, you can entertain year-round without worrying about external factors. Meals and gatherings can take place outside, undisturbed by the weather.

  • Privacy

These blinds can be tinted in various colours, offering privacy while blending seamlessly with your property.

  • Energy Efficiency

The tinted PVC material used in Ziptrak blinds reflects heat, resulting in lower energy costs by reducing heat absorption.

  • Australian Owned

Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds, an Australian-owned and patented system, are track-guided blinds that effortlessly glide along their tracks. They can be stopped at any desired height and securely locked at the bottom. The blinds feature a centre lock release for easy manual operation. When not in use, they lock in the lowest position to withstand strong winds. To operate the blinds again, simply lift the handle to activate the release latches on both sides of the bottom bar.

Why Choose Ziptrak Blinds?

Custom-made to suit your needs, Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds are perfect for alfresco and outdoor areas. They create an additional room for your home and are suitable for all weather conditions in Melbourne. They are the ultimate choice for outdoor entertainment.

Ziptrak Blinds provide a fresh perspective on indoor living environments. These blinds operate on vertical tracks from both sides and remain hidden behind a pelmet when retracted. The cordless design ensures the safety of children and pets. Ziptrak blinds are ideal for apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows, as they allow precise control of light and privacy. They are also suitable for bedrooms, home offices, and home theatre rooms. Commercial establishments like hotels, conference spaces, and boardrooms can benefit from Ziptrak blinds to block out the outside world.

Ziptrak utilizes pelmets, narrow borders made of wood or cloth, to conceal the blind’s hardware. Two options are available: streamline and traditional. Pelmets come in different sizes to accommodate the blinds, whether they are made of mesh or PVC. During installation, our experts at Vic Blinds And Shutters select the most suitable pelmet for your blinds.

Outdoor Ziptrak Blinds are not limited to residential use. They can also enhance businesses that encourage outdoor seating and provide a comfortable working environment for employees. In commercial settings, motorised Ziptrak blinds are particularly effective.

These exceptional outdoor blinds are modern and durable, making them an ideal finishing touch for alfresco areas. They are available in sturdy sunscreen mesh or clear/tinted PVC, depending on your specific requirements.

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